What the heck is CrossFit?!

Aug 30, 2018

If you’re here, you have probably heard about CrossFit before (likely from that friend or five that won’t shut up about it) and you’re interested in learning more and maybe experience CrossFit LoLo for yourself.

Unlike a conventional gym, CrossFit operates primarily as class-based training sessions, which means you will work out at scheduled class times within a community and with expert coaching.

By official definition, CrossFit defines itself as: “Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad times and modal domains”.

CrossFit LoLo is designed for your health in mind. Every CrossFit Gym brings it’s own flair and uniqueness to fitness and health but the methodology remains the same. We are ALL here specifically as a strong foundational barrier against illness and chromic disease and second as a way to enjoy our bodies in a new light. You are to be safe, to be coached, develop friendships, and to be educated and encouraged daily.

Below are the 9 Foundational Functional movements at LoLo:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to be fit already?

A:  Come as you are, we got you! Did you need to be smart before you went to school?

Q: Who is this for?

A: CrossFit LoLo is for all ages and activity levels – there is a specific CrossFit Kids program (starts at age 3), and grandparents and retirees also enjoy regular CrossFit classes!

Everyone in the class will do the same movements, except changed slightly for needs by weight or difficulty.

Q: My perception is that I have to lift as heavy as possible each time and I’m worried about the high intensity and potential for injury.

A: Coming from a bootcamp background, I also thought this and I had to learn not to go 100% each workout! It is a rare occasion that you will be aiming for your 1 rep max of any lift during a workout.

Injury prevention is very important to us and in addition to our expert coaches that will be providing you with personalized movement instruction each class, we always facilitate and stress the importance of mobility, accessory work and stretching.

Q: When can I expect to see physical results?

A: With regular attendance, you will see results within 4 weeks. This is addicting.

Q: From the women: “I don’t want to get bulky!”

A: We are here to improve your function and improve your fitness. Our Endurance classes and gymnastic body classes are here to help you  prevent chronic pain and build your abilities. Tell us your concerns and we will achieve healthy goals with you. Our focus is health first.

Speaking from personal experience, I thought I just wanted to get “toned and lean down and look more feminine”. Once I started CrossFit I felt that I became free of worrying about what I looked like because I became preoccupied with learning the skills of movement and appreciating my body for how it adapts, performs and transforms. CrossFit has been an integral part in a movement of women changing how we define beauty and relate to our bodies. I’ll be writing about my own experience on this coming up but for now, check out this cool video from CrossFit:

Q: What other events are at the gym?

A: We will host regular community events including workshops and seminars on a range of self-development and life topics such as: nutrition, mobility, communication, relationship, and charity events.

I’m especially excited about a once monthly obstacle course (inspired by American Ninja Warrior and Ultimate Beast Master) that will be open to the public and cash donations will go to a charitable organization (some of our favourites are WIN and Power to Be).

Q: How will the community communicate – do I have access to someone outside of the gym? Will I be called if I miss a class?

A: In addition to a private facebook group, any of the coaches or owners are always available for a phone call or coffee date to chat about your fitness and self-development experience and goals.

If you miss a class that you have committed to, you will receive an encouragement email asking how we can support you in your goals.

Q: Do I have to wear something skimpy? (I’ve seen some CrossFit fashion) what is recommended for clothing and footwear?

A: CrossFit LoLo celebrates all bodies and we encourage you to wear anything that you feel comfortable and can move freely in. We also recommend layers that you may wish to incorporate during your warm-up (shedding hoodie after you feel warm). Tall socks or leggings are beneficial on rope climbing days.

Any athletic shoes/runners work great but we do recommend CrossFit specific shoes such as nanos, metcons and/or lifters to maximize your performance (click those links to see some that we recommend!). Don’t forget to bring a water bottle as well!

Q: Do we workout outside?

A: We have a large outdoor patio that will operate as an outdoor training area on nice days (in addition to the occasional community BBQ), in addition to options to warm-up by running around the block.



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