The Making of CrossFit LoLo

Oct 26, 2018

We’ve been hard at work here for the past few weeks creating CrossFit LoLo! We have been absolutely blown away by all of the volunteer hours brought to us by our community and beyond! Many of our current members have put in 30+ hours of their own time – painting, cleaning, pressure washing, putting equipment together and caffeinating the team!

This month has truly been a surreal, exciting and challenging experience. Since I am in charge of the interior design, front of house and all the pretty projects, I told Adam that “everything the rubber touches is your kingdom”.

He’s having lots of fun with all of his new toys and I have learned how to operate a cement grinder, scissor lift, masonry hammer drill and how to refinish concrete (it’ll look amazing they said, no problem they said – the voices have good intentions but no regard for my man hours and sanity. It does look amazing though).

We have also been loving meeting everyone who has already dropped in to check out the space and get to know the LoLo vibe, one member signed up yesterday after making sure that “Adam was not a douche” and I admire that due diligence! We have also had about 10 people per day looking to buy furniture from us (Monarch sign comes down Monday) some of whom walked away with a gym membership 😂. Check out behind the scenes in our IG highlight @CFlolo.

Only 25 more pre-launch memberships available – get your savings now at CrossFit LoLo.





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