Getting Started at LoLo

Nov 17, 2018

Welcome to CrossFit LoLo! We built our gym on 4 pillars: Community, Quality Coaching, Safety and Cleanliness. We will always ask for and implement your feedback.

Below, you will find our class offerings along with descriptions.



  • CrossFit/Lifestyle: All skill levels.
    Functional Fit – Constantly varied functional movement, performed at high intensity. Constantly varied – means that every day is something different! You will find that each workout’s focus is unique to the day, month, and year. Some days you come in and focus on strength building, some days you focus on breathing heavy, and other days you focus on skill acquisition.
  • Foundations Classes:
    Specialized for beginners (or anyone wanting to work on the basics to level up!).
  • Open Gym
    These time slots allow you to do your own thing! These are not coached.

Click here for the schedule (and to reserve a class).

Click here for our membership options!

If you are brand new to CrossFit:

  • We suggest Foundations for you. However, in all of our classes, your coach will help you learn technique, scale movements, or find progressions so that you can participate in the workout wherever you are with your fitness and skill level!


If you are brand new to CrossFit LoLo (but you already CrossFit):

  • Just show up,  we have your back ;).


Below are the following 9 foundational movements of CrossFit.



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