Victoria BC CrossFit Gym Open

Mar 3, 2019

Two workouts in and The CrossFit Open has been an amazing community experience full of members impressing and surprising themselves, pushing their physical and mental boundaries and bonding over the shared misery and triumph. So basically, it’s exactly what we were hoping for for LoLo’s first open experience :).

We are so so proud of all of our members and friends who have stopped by each Saturday to cheer, to judge, to encourage and celebrate each other’s achievements. We also celebrated coach Ashley Mclaren’s birthday during Saturday’s 19.2 event :).

Below are some highlight photos of 19.1 and 19.2, members can find the full gallery including free downloads  HERE (or as I call it, social media brag badges).

Don’t forget about This Saturday’s “The Super Fun Open Party at LoLo”! Everyone welcome – details below!!






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