LoLo wins at the Festivus Games – CrossFit Gym Victoria BC

Jun 1, 2019

Victoria BC CrossFit Gym CrossFit LoLo.

A big congratulations to all of the LoLo athletes that competed at the Festivus Games on April 27th! This year it was hosted by our friends over at Peninsula CrossFit. It was an awesome day filled with lots of fun – and some not so fun – workouts, lots of community and LoLo athletes representing. In addition, several local vendors came out including one of our favourites, Fit Balm!

The Festivus Games is a worldwide competition for novice, intermediate and masters athletes only.  Without any elite athletes in the competition, the focus is on supporting everyone, and most importantly, having fun!  Hosted by local boxes around the world, Festivus is a great way to try out competing for the first time or just participate in a fun event.

It was really exciting to see some of our members throw down on the competition floor.  As a coach, I was super proud to see our athletes work hard, and support each other. We had at least one team competing in each division.  In the Novice Division, we had “Team Awesome” (Baylea and Jory), in the Intermediate Division we had “Ripped for your Pleasure” (Bridie and Andrew) and “Team LoLo” (Paul and Kelsey), and in the Masters Division we had “Masters of the WODiverse” (Karen and Jon).  Not to mention, we had quite a cheering squad out from LoLo to support our teams!

For some of our athletes competing, this was their first competition ever!  There were some nerves before the events began, however after getting into the swing of things, everyone was able to relax and some might even say they enjoyed the experience:)  

Overall, our teams did extremely well!  The Masters of the WODiverse came in 4th in the Master’s Division.  Ripped for your Pleasure came in 7th, and Team LoLo came in 11th in the Intermediate Division.  And Team Awesome crushed the Novice Division and came out with the win!

One of our athletes, Paul Ruta had this to say about his first ever CrossFit competition:

“The Festivus Games was one of the most electrifying experiences I’ve ever had. It was an exciting introduction to functional fitness competitions and was so awesome to see the energy and passion that exuded from everyone involved. To witness the entire CrossFit community come together and be so supportive and encouraging of one another throughout the day was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any other sport I’ve competed in. The friends and family of the athletes that came out to spectate were super invested in the event’s festivities as well which made an extra joyous occasion for all. This was an especially meaningful event for myself as it was the first Festivus Games that CrossFit LoLo has competed at. I was incredibly honoured and proud to represent and compete on behalf of our amazing and inspiring team at LoLo. Also – to see people light up and be moved when explaining the positive health and life impact that our uplifting Lolo community has on one another is one the coolest things ever!”


Coach Naomi coming to cheer everyone on!


Team LoLo Paul and Kelsey rocking DT!



The Evan’s dream team!



The aftermath of the finals round




LoLo Fam coming out to support the troops!


The crew!



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