How to Taper for the CanWest Games. [Victoria BC CrossFit LoLo]

Jul 11, 2019

Two Weeks Out to the CanWest Games! Are you Ready?

Our Friends at Bloynx Biosciences Inc. Recommend a few tricks to help you prepare for your event so you can preform at your peak ability!

Tapering for an event is as much of an art as it is a science. So check out these Tips on Tapering.

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5 General Tapering Rules

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5. Avoid Huge Volume Within Three Days of an Open Workout: 

Generally speaking, high reps is often what leads to sore muscles—also known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – which also means reduced muscle power output. If nothing else, it’s hard to feel confident in your abilities when your body has been taken over by DOMS.

Husband and wife crossfit gym community- Victoria BC Crossfit Gym

4. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Under Tension:

This doesn’t mean you can’t condition in and around your Open workouts. It just means if you’re conditioning one, two or three days before hitting an Open workout, consider breaking up your reps a bit more than you normally would and taking it a little easier, especially when it comes to things like cycling a barbell.

Crossfit Athletes super tired after open- Victoria BC Crossfit Gym

3. Keep Your Core Fresh: 

When your core is fried, it’s hard to perform as well as you know you can.

Bros on bars doing muscle ups- Victoria BC Crossfit Gym

2. Stick with What’s Familiar:

When your body isn’t used to something—when it hasn’t adapted to a certain stimulus—even if it doesn’t seem that difficult in the moment, it’s more likely to cause the dreaded DOMs, or at least require a little more recovery than more familiar movements.

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1. Staying Fresh for a Redo: 

There’s no question, if you’re planning on redo-ing a workout you’re probably not going to be quite as fresh the second time. While this doesn’t mean you can’t do better on your second effort, it just means you should do everything you can do to get your body as fresh as possible between workouts.

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For more information on the best way you can utilize your taper, please connect with our expert coaches.

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