Virus is Coming to LoLo [Victoria BC Gym Crossfit LoLo]

Sep 7, 2019

Virus is Coming to LoLo [Victoria BC Gym Crossfit LoLo]

VIRUS Performance is coming LoLo We are super excited to have virus putting on a pop-up shop on Monday September 16th from 4:00pm-7:00pm.

Their aim is to keep you motivated, dedicated and committed to your training. Virus use the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning in their products. This product is perfect for both training and recovery; no matter what condition and situation you may experience to help push you to your absolute limits.

VIRUS uses 3 key types of material:

“CoolJade” Fabric.

Infused with recycled jade to add in a natural cooling effect. It is ultra-wicking to help keep your skin surface temperature down.

“Bioceramic” Fabric.

Scientifically engineered for endurance and recovery. This technology is based on infusing their fabric with bioceramic compounds that emit Far-Infared into the skin to improve circulation, repair and regeneration of muscle tissue and increased immunity.

“StayWarm” Fabric.

Engineered for staying dry, warm and comfortable. Blended with Coffee Charcoal infused yarn to act as a natural heating element to keep you warm.

All these products are: UV protected, Airflow activated, Nano infused, Moisture evaporating and Anti-Odor.

Come on down to CrossFit LoLo and get your sweat on and pick up some fresh swag coming into fall!

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