Athletes compete at the festivus games

LoLo Wins again at Festivus Games! [CrossFit Victoria]

Sep 18, 2019

A big congratulations to all of the Festivus Games LoLo athletes

that competed at this past weekend’s Festivus Games on Sept.14th! This year it was hosted by our friends over at CrossFit Lifetree. It was ann adrenaline-fuelled community event. We love the opportunity to see and train in other local CrossFit Boxes! 

The Festivus Games is a worldwide competition for novice, intermediate and masters athletes only.  Without any elite athletes in the competition, the focus is on supporting everyone, and most importantly, having fun! Hosted by local boxes around the world, Festivus is a great way to try out competing for the first time or just participate in a fun event.

For many of our members, it was their first time competing. 

In the Novice Division, we had teams “We Got It Up” (coach Mike Burrus and Jon Evans) as well as “The Tall Guys” (Matt Drake and Evan Moncrieff), in the Intermediate Division we had “Kettle Bellas” (Joycee Wong and Liz Carter) and “Chalk Dirty to Me” (Viktória Csánicz and Shannon Naylor) and “Don’t Be Crosshitty” (Bridie Erica and Jen Lebarge). Not to mention, we had quite a cheering squad out from LoLo to support our teams! Andrea, Paul, Rya, Karen, Allyssa, Amanda + Aurora Moncrieff, Matt’s wife, Mary and of course, coach Adam. 

Overall, our teams did extremely well!  Namely, “We Got it Up” took 1st place in the Novice Division! Also “The Tall Guys” got first on the second event (despite Evan being sick earlier in the week). Looks like we are defending our Novice division title.

One of our athletes and Coaches, Mike Burrus had this to say about his first ever CrossFit competition:

“I was inspired to participate in this event because of one of our athletes, Jon Evans. He had told me that he had never won a medal so I looked at him and said ‘You are winning a medal tomorrow’. I also wanted to show my LoLo community that I can get in the trenches as well and show my support alongside them. I’ve been coaching CrossFit for awhile but had not had the opportunity to compete until now and I was excited to bring it – regardless of how I measured up. It was important to me to live up to my class’s expectations as a leader. I’m proud of my team mate Jon and of everyone out there on the floor from the entire Island community. To sum it up in a few words – ‘goddam gold tastes good!”

Athletes compete at the festivus games Athletes compete at the festivus games Athletes compete at the festivus games Athletes compete at the festivus games



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