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LoLo Anniversary Party [CrossFit Victoria BC]

Oct 31, 2019

Wow! Kelsey here. I want to extend a big THANK YOU so much to the 100+ humans who came out to “A Night to Dream”, our soiree and Kidsport fundraiser to celebrate our one year anniversary. A special congratulations to Brette Carrigan who won our exercise bike sponsored by Fitness Depot by guessing the closest to the number of balloons in our balloon cloud ceiling – 365, one for every day we’ve been open :).


For your photo booth images, click HERE and for the full event photo gallery, click HERE.

It was a hell of a party and an amazing experience to commemorate and reflect on all of the moments of community bonding and growth over these past short 12 crazy months. It’s hard to believe actually. My favourite moments of the evening were just watching as people laughed, hugged, danced and celebrated their place in these walls.

I have to be honest, this time last year was at times difficult for me. While I was super excited about opening a CrossFit gym with Adam, it was a business that I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to fast-forward to the one year mark to see if our vision really was possible. I didn’t realize at the time that my vision was already too small because it doesn’t hold a candle to what’s transpired since then and I am forever in awe.

Many people came up to me, long-time members, new members and visitors to say how blown away they are by the community we have created here. While it’s certainly very intentional on our part, we can only inspire it’s creation and help shape it, and this has been a real privilege.

There are SO many people to whom we have endless gratitude to express in regards to their volunteer work on our renovation these past several months as well as their contribution to make this event a success. As you will see below, it takes a village!

In addition to our silent auction sponsors (many of whom are members here), We would like to personally thank:

Mary for her insane silent auction and event coordination skills, attention to detail and set-up/take down of the event.  Close to $5,000 was raised thanks to local vendors and within our LoLo community!
We are extremely appreciative of Naomi (who was recently promoted to LoLo Communications Manager) for organizing the tasty food from Picnic. Additional thanks to her for volunteering her time at our party, and helping with final reno touch-ups.

Jenna, Anna, Viki and Jordan – so many balloons! It was no easy task to inflate (even with an electric pump), tie and assemble them all! Michelle and Randy with their truck helped transport the patio seating and s’more table.  Michelle also helped with the balloon door garland….yup, more balloons!  Bar Tenders Jimmy and Paul Ruta were working their butts off all night serving drinks and generously pouring a variety of cocktails.

Sam (MFJones) lit up the dance floor…his dance tunes had everyone up showing off their moves.  Sam also spent several hours painting the back of the gym and finishing off the wall ball lines. Kirby for her fun Trivia game that had us all guessing and learning more about our members. Allison for her delicious dessert treats in addition to copious amounts of cookies from Matt The Cookie Guy. Chantelle for helping with balloons, volunteering at the event and organizing the table centrepiece florals donated by Eurosa.

Thanks to Viki for picking up the beer and Matt Lang and Liz who donated 10 bags of ice. Shout-out to our post-reno porch clean up crew: Anna, Naomi and our summer reno volunteers: Duncan, Rya, Mary, Michelle, Joyce, Sam Gagnon, Jon Floyd and Anna. A Huge thank you to our contractor Dorian!

Mike Davies who detangled twinkle lights. Adrian who worked for hours (until 2:00am!) to finish the wood wall as part of our reno project! And Sarah Hughes from Fresh View  Events. who donated her tables, linens and delivery for the silent auction!

Thank you to Rya and Sim, who came in on Saturday afternoon to help set up even though he was unable to attend the party, as well as Cail and Marilyne who stayed until 2:00am to help take everything down.

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