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Island Strong Fitness Challenge [Victoria BC]

Mar 23, 2020

Welcome to the Island Strong Fitness Challenge

Hey Vancouver Islanders, 

Look after your fitness and mental health while also supporting local small businesses! Let’s crush social isolation during this time with some fun! Make it even more fun with matching Swag from our Quarantine Collection. 

Use this quarantine time to get fit, have fun and support local!

Attend our virtual online classes to win weekly and BIG monthly prizes!! All workouts are at-home bodyweight workouts that anyone can do!

The buy-in is $78/month, proceeds go to supporting our new online programming (while we support your fitness and mental well-being) and buying gift cards from small businesses which will be the weekly and monthly prizes worth $250-$500+.

We want to create a sense of togetherness and community fun to keep on track with your health and wellbeing during a time when we need it the most. When life gives you limes drink tequila not Corona. So, Without furthered ado!! 

How does it work?

Do the Challenges, Collect the points (see challenges below). 

Step 1: Sign up for the online class membership and register for the challenge via this link HERE (select the “Not-So-Solo Membership Option). Or send us an e-transfer of $81.90 (including tax) to

Your Not-so-Solo Membership will give you access to our Zen Planner App where you can reserve a class and access the online classes!

Step 2: Add yourself to the Island Strong Facebook Group HERE.

Step 3: Participate in our classes and WIN local prizes. And remember, our Social Saturday 10:00am class is always FREE. Click HERE to join that.

  • You will need to download the Zoom app first

Here is our online class schedule:








Here’s how to WIN:



  • We will be recording your points behind the scenes with a google sheets document.
    The coach will take attendance at the start of each class. Be sure to mention if you referred a friend to class or if you are wearing a ridiculous workout outfit (hopefully that one will be obvious!).
  • You do not need any specific equipment or skills to participate in these fitness classes. We recommend one dumbbell but any heavyish object will do! Bags of rice, backpacks full of stuff, paint cans or jugs of canola oil, get creative!
  • Each class we will take attendance to make sure you get the virtual class points! Attending 5 classes within the same week will get you an additional 15pts!
  • Video submissions including partner challenges will need to be posted in the group here (or DM us on facebook here)
  • Social media mentions for points with the #islandstrong2020 hashtag will also need to tag @cflolo on IG and CrossFit LoLo on FB so we will be notified
  • Partner Challenges means that the work amount is split any which way between you and a friend ex: 50 burpees each or one does 30 and the other 20
  • Partner Challenge movements can be modified ex: push-ups from knees is acceptable


Weekly Prizes:

In draw format for online participation and for points.


Monthly Grand Prize will include:

  • A 1hr Photoshoot with 4 Photos Included Sponsored by KGoodPhoto Valued at $600.00
  • Gift Cards from the Cookie Guy Victoria
  • Parachute Ice Cream
  • Bosley’s Gift Package for your Pets 
  • Skip the Dishes Gift Card
  • Gift Card Surprise pack valued $200
  • Grocery Delivery Service Gift Card + Groceries
  • Toilet Paper + Purrell (If we can find any)
  • More Prizes to be released each week to sweeten the Pot
  • Fern Cafe and Bakery $100 Gift Card
  • 1 month Credit @ CFLoLo Upon reopen






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