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Mar 31, 2020

Hello LoLo Family,


It’s been exactly two weeks since we’ve had to close our doors.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this really sucks. It’s hard for us not seeing all your incredible faces in person everyday and at the same time it has been amazing to see most of you in our Zoom classes online. I personally get a lot of joy with the fur baby dance parties and I’m inspired by how our community has been coming together.

We are empathetic to the confusion and uncertainty that has emerged from this situation and want to ultimately remind you that this time too will pass. I know things might seem out of control for some of us, but let’s try to focus on the things that are within our control.
We are incredibly proud of our community and our team, who are now volunteering their time to answer emails, manage the online challenge and coach classes.

In light of drastic membership reduction, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer our online programming and class service for free. There will be a new ZOOM class link given to paying LoLo members.

We understand everyone’s financial situation is different during this time. We still want to keep up our commitment to you as much as we can and for this reason, our virtual classes on Saturday will remain free to all. Social Saturdays live on!



We still don’t know our re-opening date and we wanted to share with you the plan moving forwards financially for you and the reality for us at CrossFit LoLo . 


  1. “LoLo Strong” Member:

Paying full has perks, if you continue to support by paying your full current membership fee:

  • LoLo Strong T-shirt or Crop Top
  • Access to online programming
  • Access to all virtual classes (now a $78/mo value)
  • $100 monthly discount and first priority on equipment rental  (barbells/plates and ergs available)
  • $30 coffee card
  • Preferred rate when you renew your next membership (TBD)
  • Island strong challenge admission (chance to win big prizes supporting local small businesses)


  1. “Not-so-solo with LoLo”: $78/mo
  • Access to online Programming 
  • Access to all virtual classes
  • Second priority on equipment rental (barbells and ergs available)


  • Starting Sunday, April.5th the currently free zoom class link will only be valid for our FREE Saturday Classes. To access our daily virtual classes and programming and to take part in the Island Strong Fitness Challenge, you will need to be a LoLo Strong or Not-So-Solo member. In this case, a new Zoom link will be provided and you will reserve and access the virtual classes through Zen Planner as usual.
  • If you need to put your membership on hold or if you need to change your membership to Not-so-Solo, you will need to e-mail us.
  • If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are in a position to and would like to continue paying your current membership rate and will be knighted into the LoLo Strong membership with the perks that come with it! Stay tuned for a LoLo Strong survey where we will take down your t-shirt size and preference.
  • If you decide to switch to the Not-So-Solo membership, this will take effect on your next monthly payment date.


For full pricing and availability information, check out our Gym Equipment Rental post.

If you currently have some of our equipment:

  • Consider staying as a LoLo Strong Member to take advantage of your $100 monthly rental discount
  • Pay an equipment rental fee (as per the link info above) or return the equipment

We have a very limited quantity of equipment. If you have put your membership on hold unfortunately we will have to give priority to those in the LoLo Strong Membership. 

We are doing our part to help flatten the curve/ support local businesses/ support you all in your fitness and mental health and we are calling on you all to join us in this because together, we create a stronger more resilient community we all share and love.

This overall situation is not about us, and our personal situation is not your problem. However, we are going to practice what we preach about vulnerability and share what is at stake.

LoLo as a first year in business is not making profit or even “breaking even”. Adam has always coached the classes for free and Kelsey has never taken a wage. We sunk all of our savings, took out substantial loans from the bank and our family and we re-mortgaged our house to afford the renovation so unfortunately there are no reserves. The gym is an expensive business to run, with operating costs in the tens of thousands per month. 

Even now, with our doors closed and without payroll and other operating expenses, our bare minimum is $10,000 per month.

We have spent the last week in conversations with our landlord, financial institutions, legal and insurance representatives, and of course looking into all possible aid.

We may not qualify for the financial aid the government is offering (partial or otherwise) and at the end of the day, it’s still a repayable loan. It will not be enough to keep LoLo going. Because of all your love and support for the gym and our team, we have been able to grow. We are asking that if any of you have the ability to keep paying your monthly membership or pay the reduced rate for our online service, please help so that we can continue to grow and thrive as a community for years to come. Immediate action is needed for our survival.

Regardless of having a membership on hold, or not we still want to support you.

Please come to our free online Saturday classes. When this is over, we still want you to walk through the door knowing we still love you and we are still 100% here for you and the Victoria community. Let’s keep building a strong community together and have fun fitnessing!


Thank you for letting us coach you all and be in your lives, it has been an absolute privilege for us to know you.


With love,

Adam, Kelsey and the LoLo team. 

Adam Davidson wins the Brazil CrossFit Championship in Sao Paulo 2020, earning his position to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games

Adam Davidson wins the Brazil CrossFit Championship in Sao Paulo 2020, earning his position to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games




  1. Yvette says:

    Tears running down my face. I’m so sorry for everyone this pandemic is affecting in such tough ways, including Adam and Kelsey who I adore and cherish for the love and genuine goodness you being all of us members. You guys deserve all good things and it breaks my heart that this stress is weighing so heavy on you and the future of Lolo. This will be an end to all of this, and at some point a new beginning. I’m here through thick and thin, we all love you guys and will be here how we all can. Thank you so much for your transparency, for showing us your strength and your struggles. Stay strong, sending tons of love to you all

  2. Josh Levin says:

    I’m in with you guys 100% LoLo Strong it is!

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