Gym Equipment Rental [Victoria BC]

Mar 31, 2020


Are you looking for gym equipment rental in Victoria BC?

From bodybuilding gym equipment to crossfit specific gym gear to ergs like bikes, rowers, assault runner or ski ergs, we’ve got your fitness needs covered during this need for at-home accessibility. It pairs great with our live virtual classes and accompanying Island Strong Fitness Challenge where you can win prizes to support local businesses! Also don’t forget to match your new home gym with some fly swag from our new online store’s Quarantine Collection.


  • If you currently have some of our equipment:
    – Consider staying as a LoLo Strong Member to take advantage of your $100 monthly rental discount

– If not, you will need to return the equipment by Friday April 3rd as the LoLo Strong and Not-So-Solo members have 1st and 2nd                 priority to equipment rentals.
We are contacting directly all those currently with equipment on loan.

  • Initial equipment pickup will start on Saturday April.4th. Contact us via email to reserve items and pickup time.
    Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and the only request we will honour is in the form of an e-mail to
  • When renting equipment, you will need to rent for a minimum of 1 month.
  • If you do not return your equipment before or on your rental end-date we will assume you would like to extend your rental for another month and your payment method on file will be charged, less your LoLo Strong discount if applicable.
  • You will be required to sign a rental contract with a payment method on file
  • Roundtrip delivery fee is $50 (includes delivery and pickup and reduces COVID-19 risk)

All pricing is per month

Dumbbells (Up to 35lbs) $20.00
Dumbbells (40lbs-70lbs) $30.00
KB (Up to 35lbs) $30.00
KB (Over 35lbs) $40.00
Med Ball $35.00
Slam Balls $35.00
Long Bands $10.00
Short Bands $5.00
Halo $25.00
Cross Over Symmetry $50.00
Abmat $15.00
Rower $200.00
C2Bike $200.00
Ski erg $200.00
Assault runner $450.00
GHD $100.00
Barbell $75.00
Tech bar $50.00
PVC pipe $5.00
Skipping rope $5.00
Boxes $50.00
Rings $40.00
Chalk bucket $15.00


Single Bumper Plate (lbs) Double Bumper Plates (lbs) Double Small Plates (lbs)
10-15 $12.00 10-15 $20.00 2.5 $5.00
25 (no more left) $15.00 5 $10.00
35 $20.00 35 $35.00
45 $25.00 45 $45.00
55 $35.00 55 $60.00





  1. […] During these trying times, we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay for a “LoLo Strong” or “Not-so-solo with LoLo” membership. We’d like to extend the opportunity to you, our beloved LoLo community, to help a member in financial need through donations. One hundred percent of your donations will provide members in need with a “Not-so-solo with LoLo” membership (valued at $78 to access the live online classes) or equipment rental. […]

  2. Matthew schneider says:

    Hi I’m looking to rent
    An Olympic bar
    2 45 pound bumper plates
    2 25 pound bumper plates

    Thank you for the great deed 🙂

  3. Anne-Marie O'Donnell says:

    I am interested in renting a rower for a month. Do you have one available?

  4. Pam says:

    Hey there,

    Do you rent spin bikes by the month?


  5. Matthew Bowman says:


    Long shot, do you still currently rent our rowing machines? We would love to get one from you.

    Thank you, so very much!


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