Introducing the “Adopt-a-Member” Program!

Apr 1, 2020

We are excited to present our new “Adopt-a-Member” program! This was the brainchild and suggestion of one of our members :). As you may know, LoLo stands for “Love on, Lift on.” The core of LoLo is to LOVE on people and LIFT up the community. We can’t imagine a better time show what we all stand for!

During these trying times, we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay for a “LoLo Strong” or “Not-so-solo with LoLo” membership. So, we’d like to extend the opportunity to you, our beloved LoLo community, to help a member in financial need. One hundred percent of your donations will provide members in need with a “Not-so-solo with LoLo” membership (valued at $78 to access the live online classes) or equipment rental.

To adopt-a-member, we will be accepting e-transfers of any amount to Send along a nomination, or trust us to pass on your donation to a member in need. We have a list of members who have had to put their membership on hold.

As always, we are humbled and appreciative for the love and support you continue to share.

In love,

The LoLo Team







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