Annual Christmas Fundraiser and Elf-Off goes Virtual

Dec 4, 2020

Merry Christmas LoLo family!

We wanted to start off by sharing our gratitude. This has been a year full of changes and adjustments. The constant support and love from our community is not something we will never take for granted.

The Holidays have always been a special time for us here at LoLo. Every year, we fulfill on our promise to you for an oppourtunity to GET REVENGE on your coaches and trainers! It’s your time to call the shots and make them sweat!

This year will be our third annual Elf-Off – a fun event that we host to fundraise money towards a different cause each year. In 2018 we raised $1025 for the local children’s hospital affiliate, Jeneece Place. In 2019 we raised $1190 to launch our kids program here at LoLo.

The last two years we’ve held our annual Elf-Off here at the gym. This year we’ll be going virtual! We will be hosting the event on Saturday Dec.12th at 7:00pm via Instagram Live Stream @crossfitlolo.

Proceeds from this year’s fundraiser will be going towards the gym purchasing an AED machine. Our member’s health and safety is and always will be our number one priority which is why we have chosen this as our goal for this year.

We will need to raise $1000 to reach this goal.

Similar to other years, members will be able to purchase intense work-out movements for our coaches to complete, with each rep costing $. Our $100 wild-card option will also be making a comeback where our coaches go head to head (over head squat again, maybe?).

See below for full details on how much each movement will cost. They are available to purchase at the front desk leading up to the Elf-Off, or of course you can purchase them during the live event (via e-transfer or consent to charge your zenplanner account).


Instead of renting our annual patio dunk tank to enact your in-person polar revenge, we are fulfilling on this distinct opportunity via a “pie stand” where your favourite coaches and trainers will be putting their mugs in a christmas backdrop and allowing you to virtually pie them in the face. At this point we are thinking whipped cream in pie shells but we are open to suggestions for maximum embarassement. Pies will be $10 each or 2 for $15. You pick the coach and get to express a “love note” before our elf helpers carry out your dirty work.








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