CrossFit LoLo is moving to Langford!

Aug 11, 2021

Langford is getting a CrossFit Gym!

As you may know, this Fall, CrossFit LoLo is moving to Langford!
We wanted to answer your questions for future Langford members
and current downtown members alike!
  1. Where in Langford?

    CrossFit LoLo will be located at 884 Attree Ave. near Walmart off Langford Pkwy.
    Exactly an 18 min drive from the current downtown location
    (and you’ll never have to waste time and money on parking again!)

Crossfit LoLo in Langford!

  1. When will LoLo be moving to Langford?

    Near the end of September, LoLo downtown will close.
    We will move into Langford October 1st with a Grand Opening date tentatively for mid-October after renovations are completed. We are in full-swing designing the best space possible and it’s bringing back memories from three years ago when we did this the first time!
    We will know more definitive dates come September.

  2. What’s in store for LoLo Langford?

    We are very excited about our vision for the new location!
    As always, we will keep loving on people, lifting up the community and high quality coaching at our core, we will expand on this with some exciting improvements:

    • Larger, brand new gym space! More room for more fitness! (plus no more uneven flooring!)
    • 19 Free Parking stalls
    • Full-fledged Coffee Shop in phase 2 (with future plans to expand into health and juice bar)
    • Huge focus on Kids and Teens Programs
    • New On-Ramp Foundations Program
    • Massive outdoor patio for WODS
    • Still loads of classes and open 7 days a week
    • Langford finally gets a CrossFit Gym!!CrossFit Gym Langford

I’m in! Tell me about the memberships!

Current LoLo members
We have a special “LoLoyal” offer for you, please come see us,
the FB LoLo Lounge or refer to gym whiteboard!
If you prefer not to join us at our new location, we will miss you dearly!
Scroll down to see special offers we have for you with other
CrossFit Gyms in your area.

New Members
(anyone who is not currently a member)
We are so excited that you will be joining us!!
Here’s what’s up:

All of the above rates are subject to tax and are guaranteed only for the first 6 months of opening (minus any committed memberships of course).

All memberships available to purchase online starting Aug.15th!

Stay tuned on our socials to grab one of our limited pre-launch memberships!
Your membership of course will not activate until Langford is open for business

We are so excited to be on this journey with you! Please let us know your questions and follow our progress along on our instagram @crossfitlolo




  1. Sue says:

    Senior previously xfitter who has been away from it for a few years post surgery plus relocation and am wondering if there are classes for reintegration.

you said:

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