Monday Mobility – Knees/Ankle [Victoria BC CrossFit] Knee and Ankle Mobility For the final instalment of this Monday Mobility series we look at the knees and ankles. There is a number of things that can contribute to a lack of mobility through our ankles and knees. As they are neighbours they have a very close […]

Hip Mobility and Discomfort Have you ever felt a pinch or a shift in your hips when you are squatting or deadlifting? This could be a result of a lack of hip mobility, increased tension, decreased range of motion or lack of control of the key movers of the hips (glutes, hip flexors, quads and […]

Why Glute Strength is Important! Kirby Bohan BHSc; is here to help teach you a few ways to activate your glutes. For more information and to find out more about glute and hip mobility, please check her out! Our glutes are one of our prime mover groups. This means that they drive movement throughout the […]

Monday Mobility – Lumbar Spine [Victoria BC CrossFit] Lumbar Control and Stability Kirby Bohan, BHSc; Coach, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer has previously spoken about the importance of neutral spine, the lumbar spine is often the biggest weak point for a lot of people when it comes to maintaining lumbar control. Today we are going […]

Monday Mobility – Shoulders [Victoria BC CrossFit] Shoulder Mobility and Lat Activation: Coach, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer Kirby Bohan, BHSc is here to take you through some shoulder mobility and lat activation. For more information or if you would like a session with her, please contact her directly. Our shoulders are very mobile joints […]