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I fell in love with nutrition by mistake. I’ve always loved food, but never understood the role it played in my happiness, fitness, mental health and confidence. I went from fighting my body’s needs for love and fuel to loving it for its abilities and feeding it for strength and health. Nutrition changed my confidence, my energy, my body, and my entire outlook - I started showing up better in my friendships, relationships and career. I truly believe nutrition is at the foundation of optimal health and well-being and I am here to help others rebuild their relationship with food, step into their power, and make some big changes in their lives!

meet our nutritionists

Nicola Spencer

My certifications include Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, ISW Adult Educator, Advanced Sports & Athletics Nutrition, Precision Nutrition Level 1, and CanFitPro Fitness & Personal Trainer.  My own fitness adventures have included competing at an elite pro level in natural fitness & figure, recreational squash, and long distance running. Currently, when I’m not working or teaching at the Cdn. School of Natural Nutrition, you can find me taking long ocean walks with my hubby and Yorkie, grinding it out in a crossfit or spin class, or travelling the world.

Yvette styner

meal prep for delicious fuel

Way of life foods, "Wolf" is a freshly prepared weekly meal prep delivery service.

We make it easy, so you don’t have to make it at all!

Order for the week from our gluten-free and refined sugar-free menu, offering healthy and affordable homestyle meals, conveniently ready to re-heat and eat.

 Excellent variety and flexibility with easy online ordering and FREE delivery every weekend!