Upcoming Summer Booty Camp [Victoria BC CrossFit Gym]

Jun 20, 2019

FREE informative seminars all about GLUTES baby! Find out what to expect in the upcoming Summer booty camp with Kirby.

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More info about the camp:

Your glutes are working all the time; they are strong and powerful. This 8-week camp is designed to teach you how to correctly activate the muscles in your glutes and core. These two major muscle groups are important for a lot of the movements we do when we are training. By the end of the camp you the expectation is to have a greater understanding and control of these muscle groups.


– Correcting movement patterns when using glutes

– Trunk stabilization

– Hip stabilization

– Squats / Deadlifts / Lunges / Box Jumps / Hollow Position

There is an opportunity for TWO separate groups of 3 people

(Morning and Evening)

More about Kirby:

With several years of experience in functional human movement and rehabilitation, Kirby offers sessions targeted at improving the quality and efficiency of movement. Correcting movement patterns and strengthening stabilizing muscles to improve overall movement patterns.

She is a strong believer that movement is the best medicine. In order to perform efficiently and avoid injuries it is important to have an understanding of the muscles we are using.

Her experience includes working with elite Australian Rules Athletes, CrossFit Games Athletes and Commonwealth Games Athletes.

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