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Nov 21, 2020

As you may well know, the latest BC Provincial Health Order has implemented a temporary suspension of all High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in group fitness classes. While CrossFit is comprised of constantly varied functional movements at all levels of intensity, it does include higher intensity workouts, especially in the Workout of the Day.

We are immediately pivoting into Low Intensity Training (or LIT, for short). Also known as: Loooow Loooow Intensity (get it?!). So, welcome to your new strength cycle!

Our LoCo competitive program has been in a strength program for the past six weeks and they are seeing amazing results! They have had 20+ lb PRs in strict press and back squats!

We are excited to bring this programming to replace the CrossFit / Lifestyle classes at LoLo while the PHO is in place. Below are the Top 3 Benefits and some FAQs about the new strength programming so you know what to expect! And as always, our top priority is your safety, so please review our updated COVID-19 Protocol.

Top 3 Benefits of Strength Training

  1. Joint and ligament health. Slowing down movements and prioritizing form at a tempo (intentional slower movement) allows the muscle to have time under tension which in turn lengthens the muscle and improves strength. You can expect to be a bit sore at first, but soon you will have more energy than you know what to do with! Over time your body will begin to feel amazing, stable and strong.
  2. Time for your body to recover. A break from high volume and intensity means less stress on your body and the ability for your body to strength, tone, and be healthy for a while. Low stress and high stress training are both beneficial in their own way and it is healthy to periodize both types of training. A strength cycle is a typical off-season program for professional athletes to allow heal their bodies from the on-season. If you follow LoLo owner and CrossFit Games Athlete Adam Davidson on social media, that’s what he’s been up to after the 2020 Games.
  3. This actually increase your endurance and V02 Max potential! The less effort it takes to move an object, the less oxygen your muscles need to pull in. In CrossFit, we call this the ability to move large loads, perform functional movements across broad time and modal domains. Strength is Number 3 out of the 10 Fitness Domains. But we can actually improve more than 1 Domain at a time. Strength actually gives us the ability to improve 7 of the 10 Domains starred bellow.


1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance*
2. Stamina*
3. Strength*
4. Flexibility
5. Power*
6. Speed*
7. Agility
8. Balance*
9. Coordination
10. Accuracy*

Strength Program FAQs  + Answers

  1. Will I lose my cardio? 
    – You will actually drastically improve your capacity for endurance while improving the ceiling of strength.
  2. What if I don’t consider myself as strong? Can I scale the strength program?
    – The strength program can be tailored to each individual’s strength ability. This is not a numbers game of counting how much you can lift. Healthy joints and ligaments is our focus and we do that by moving weight slowly and by increasing the weight each week.
  3. Will I get bulky?
    – No! As we mentioned, lowering your body’s stress level is an important part of training. We recommend you talk to a supporting LoLo nutritionist, Yvette or Nicola, for more details on this. What controls the increase or decrease in body weight or change in body composition is 90 percent what you put in your body (i.e. food, supplements, etc.)



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