Crossfit Langford, BC Testimonial – Shannon Meet Shannon, a dynamic and determined 32-year-old who found her true fitness passion in CrossFit in the vibrant city of Langford, BC. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of this remarkable fitness community. Shannon realized she needed a change, a push to unlock her true potential. […]

Richard’s Remarkable Journey: Rebooting Life through CrossFit in Victoria, BC Meet Richard, the embodiment of a remarkable transformation through the power of CrossFit in Victoria, BC. His story is not just about weight loss; it’s about regaining a zest for life and rediscovering the joy of being an active parent. Richard’s journey began when he […]

CrossFit Langford, BC Testimonial – Joseph In the heart of beautiful Victoria, BC, Joseph, a resilient 48-year-old, embarked on an extraordinary journey that led him to the doors of our CrossFit gym. This is the story of his remarkable transformation through the power of CrossFit training. Joseph’s life had taken an unexpected turn, and he […]

Do you like waffles and fitness? 🧇🏋🏽‍♀️ Come check us out with your friends at our soft opening at our new Langford location TOMORROW! If you have not yet signed up as a member, your first class is always free! Just show up and we’ll do the rest :). FREE classes for all at 8:00am, […]

Langford is getting a CrossFit Gym! As you may know, this Fall, CrossFit LoLo is moving to Langford! We wanted to answer your questions for future Langford members and current downtown members alike! Where in Langford? CrossFit LoLo will be located at 884 Attree Ave. near Walmart off Langford Pkwy. Exactly an 18 min drive from […]

Tell us about your fitness journey I was [surprise surprise] kicked out of phys-ed in grade 10 for lack of participation. Honour student otherwise, but I felt incredibly insecure with my body. The gym uniform was tiny terrycloth shorts! Also, I really had no role models for being active and healthy growing up. I took […]

The CrossFit Open 2021 is upon us! We are calling it the “Lopen”! Below are our signups (more have been added for you last minute peeps!) and here is the whole down low: Hello party people! The first Open Workout has been posted!!! STEP 1: Sign up for a LOpen time slot through Zen planner, […]


Nov 24, 2020

[Last Updated: November 30, 2020] A change in the recent PHO has temporarily suspended indoor group physical activities that include any and all strength and conditioning. Unfortunately, until we are given further instruction, we have to cancel our Strength classes.    Luckily, gyms and recreation facilities offering individual workouts and personal training can remain open […]

As you may well know, the latest BC Provincial Health Order has implemented a temporary suspension of all High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in group fitness classes. While CrossFit is comprised of constantly varied functional movements at all levels of intensity, it does include higher intensity workouts, especially in the Workout of the Day. We […]

Tell us about your fitness journey. Grade 11 is  where me “being an athlete” started. During gym class one day, we were doing circuits and I loved them. My friend, who rowed, said they did lots of squats and circuits at winter training and I love the water and water sports, so I decided to […]