Spring ‘Cleansing’

Apr 6, 2021

Time for spring cleaning!  And not just around the house.  If you’re considering a diet detox or cleanse to rid your body of all your winter indulgences and covid comfort food, there are a few things you might want to consider.

First, your body is actually pretty efficient at ‘cleansing’ itself.  It’s called pooping and sweating.

There could be times though (like after a year of covid) that a little help is in order to support those processes in the body.  However, even among experts in the field, there are conflicting opinions as to the need, benefit, and dangers of detoxing.

In her blog, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Yvette Styner tells us what those dangers are – including dehydration, depleted electrolytes, and increased risk of injury to muscles and joints.  Not good news if performance and recovery is important to you.  Likewise, the restricted total calories and food groups associated with a cleanse can result in blood sugar instability and disrupted hormone balance – the opposite of supporting sustainable weight loss.

Don’t despair, there is good news!

There is a safe, effective and sustainable way to reap the benefits of nutritional ‘cleansing’.  Yvette dishes out the science on the foods and nutrients to include in your diet all year long to help the body naturally cleanse, from the inside-out.

As always, Yvette then translates the science into real food on your plate and shares some of her favorite everyday meals and snacks that’ll optimize your own body’s ability to cleanse and rid yourself of excess toxins, inflammation, and belly bloat.

Read the full blog and download your favorite recipes HERE!




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