community dress up as spice girls for crossfit open gym in langford

The CrossFit Open 2024

Feb 26, 2024

The Open starts THIS WEEKEND. Here’s what’s up:


You can sign-up for the Open via this link with CrossFit HQ OR just write your name on our Open Poster in the gym (it’s free). Kids class will sign up this way as well!
Then, sign up for an Open time slot through your gym master app, just as you would a regular class. Workouts will be managed by coaches, and members will judge each other so you will want to stick around!


For the next 3 Saturdays sometime between 8:00am-12:00pm, compete in the Open and earn points (see info below) for your team for fame and glory! The last workout on the 16th will also include a FREE waffle breakfast and the awards ceremony! Kids class will also be competing on the Saturdays with everyone.
Don’t forget to invite your friends for a FREE drop-in Open workout! (Must be from Victoria)


Earn points and SAVE by taking advantage of our Open exclusive gym offers brought to you by Balanced Meal Prep, Build Nutrition, RxHabits and Full Send Coffee Shop!

How does this Intramural format work?

community dress up as spice girls for crossfit open gym in langford

We have divided all gym members into 3 teams.

We have assigned you a team captain who will come up with a team name with you and hold you accountable to enter your points!

Each team will accumulate points throughout the three weeks in a variety of areas.

You will be required to record your points in the SugarWod App
(you will see a place to do this).
Team points total will be written on the board each Wednesday evening.

Ok, how do I get points?

15pts Do the workout

15pts Judge

50pts Invite a friend

100pts friend signs up

50pts Google Review

15pts Redeem Open Offer

20 Dress Up bonus:

Week 1: Tight ‘N Bright

Week 2: Crazy Hair Day

Week 3: Pop Culture Icon

Wait, I need more info, what the heck is the Open? Should I sign up?

If you’re a LoLo member, you’ve been hearing the coaches talking about it a lot and basically volun-telling you to sign up.

But what the heck is it about, how you can participate and what can you expect your Open experience to be like at LoLo?

The Open is for Everyone.

Step 1: Sign yourself up for The Open here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried CrossFit before, or if you are 89.
All of the workouts can be modified for even the ultimate beginner.


“The Open” is an annual online CrossFit competition that takes place all over the world. It is five workouts in total.


Performed at your local box (CrossFit gym, in this case LoLo). It is comprised of five workouts over three weeks, and it starts with “24.1” (Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear).


Starting Feb.29th, the workouts will be released every Thursday during the three weeks of the Open, and you can watch the live announcement of the workout that will be streamed on the CrossFit Games website, or stay tuned on our socials where we will be sharing the workout!

It is the first step for professional CrossFit Athletes to qualify for the CrossFit Games (basically the olympics of CrossFit, where actual olympians also compete) but for 99.9% of competitors, it is a personal recreational challenge.

But Why?!

This is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Here, athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period.
Challenges, personal records and fun times await!
We are so excited to collectively work towards something as a new community here at LoLo! Also, we will be having parties and events along the way so stay tuned :).

If you’re feeling nervous…

I get it. This is completely normal, I felt this way during my first open. And my second. I found that I surprised myself with how much I looked forward to the weekly challenge, and I loved the overall vibe in the gym. A Buzz of excitement that everyone was in it together!
You are exactly where and when you need to be and we got you 100%.

Should I sign-up?

YES, duh.

What day will this be going down at LoLo?

We will be doing the workout together for the next three Saturdays between 8:00am-1:00pm. There will be a heats sign up for you to select what time you will be doing the workout!
We encourage you to stick around to help judge others and cheer them on!

What if I can’t come on a Saturday because I’ll be out of town?

No problem! You just have to get the workout done during open gym on friday sunday or monday. You can do it during Open Gym as long as someone can judge you – or drop into another gym while out of town.

What if I can’t do the workouts Rx?

NO PROBLEM! Teams will earn points for Rx and Scaled or Foundations workouts. AND you can flip flop back and forth between Rx, Scaled or Foundation each week if you like.

What if I’m new to CrossFit?

Even better! There’s no better way to get to know people, the gym, and the fun of this fitness program than through The Open. And, you’ll be on a team that will help teach you all the ins and outs so you’re in the know!

Ok, but what’s this really going to be like?

Think fitness racing combined with intramurals.

What if I’m not competitive?

Sure, you might not be competitive in CrossFit but we’re guessing there are some things that you might find yourself with a competitive drive?

In this year’s format there are workout and non-workout related ways for your team to earn points.
And your team needs those points!




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