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Sweat Society Pop-Up! [Crossfit Apparel]

Aug 2, 2019

CrossFit LoLo was fortunate enough to host a pop up shop from Sweat Society last Thursday! A ethical based company with views based upon proper treatment of humans against sweat shops and fair / safe workplace environments. A Calgary based business, owner Stephanie Nichols shed some light on her recent popup shop tour. We are so happy we ran into Sweat Society at the recent Canwest Games.

Tell us a little bit about your business?

We are a Calgary based company specializing in technical activewear for both men and women with brands from all over the world like Australian, Europe but mostly Canada. It started out when I got really tired of not finding the right gear for myself that fit properly, worked well while lifting but ultimately and was made ethically made by human standards. In 5 years i hope it reaches further nationwide, and really focuses more on ethical reasoning that sweat shops aren’t needed and spread awareness of where people get their clothes come from.

What are you excited about right now?

I think just being able to have my own business and connect with all the people and companies but really just watching something you create grow. We have a few studios that we stock here and their but our main hubs are places like Victoria, Kelowna Vancouver. Its all connected really, full circle you know? Even when times are  stressful i don’t quit, if its bad its bad but when its good its good, the relationships, the networking the friendships created along the way, is all worth it. Its exciting when you see your own product being worn by complete stranger, they really are your walking billboard.

What is the most important moment of your life?

I think finding balance between life and work. You have to step a back from time to time and really focus on the little things. I took the day off by coming here and seeing my friends. Friendship is important to me and my company. But I also think job security is too. People who work in sweat shops don’t have a safe place to work, and there is no support, so our company reflects on the importance of quality products made with quality human ethicalness.

What is the saddest moment of your life?

My grandma passed away last October and that was my first loss of 5 grandparents. Having lost one is enough. But thats life but its hard to come back from that. You have your moments you say goodbye and celebrate the wonder woman’s life. I didn’t get to see her as much as she was in Toronto so now i see the value in creating existing relationships whether or not they succeed or fail.

What are you most scared of right now?

I think just being a business owner,  you run the risk of failure along stress and so on and no one wants to see something they started fail. I don’t like letting people down its worse that letting yourself down. However I look at it as a stepping stone towards success despite yourself having made those mistakes. I think to myself if it failed maybe the risks and mistakes I made weren’t worth it. Just like my reasoning for friendships and that relationship I’ve made maybe would be all for nothing. Same goes for my business I think if theres a product that is unethically made it there is no worth to that product because it was not made with care theres no relationship behind it.

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Ethically sourced Technical activewear

Ethically sourced Technical activewear

Ethically sourced Technical activewear

Ethically sourced Technical activewear




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