Boulevard Okanagan Features LoLo! [Victoria BC CrossFit Gym]

Feb 17, 2020

CrossFit LoLo Talks Community with Boulevard Okanagan

CrossFit LoLo was recently featured in the January/February 2020 issue of Boulevard Okanagan which unpacks the “evolution of self-improvement.” A new year is an enticing time to form intentions. However, we usually centre these intentions around lifestyle and wellness changes. But most of us have probably experienced the disappointment when any initial excitement and commitment dwindles over time into self-judgement or resignation. It’s no secret that forming new habits can be difficult using will-power alone!

So, how do we counter this? It is important to remember that humans are social beings. Boulevard describes how community fitness can satisfy our “innate desire to be held accountable, supported, and encouraged.” CrossFit is a community like no other! Where else would you gather for a workout certain to leave you sweaty, puffed, but smiling and eager for the next?

In the interview, LoLo co-owner Adam Davidson describes how a community can create effects beyond fitness. Becoming healthier, evolving, and connecting within a like-minded community forms possibilities. This is the core of LoLo. LoLo stands for “Love on, Lift on.” In short, we LOVE on people and LIFT up the community around us. Community and connection are first – fitness is just the opener. We elevate one another physically and mentally to see our potential. We encourage vulnerability and community resilience to live healthier and more enriched lives of our own design.

Wherever you are in your journey, seek community. Create connection with like-minded individuals and support each other in reaching your goals.






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    LOVE this so much 💖 Kudos to Lolo, and to Adam – great article!

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