Athletes Prepare for CanWest Games [Victoria BC CrossFit Gym]

Jun 29, 2019

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4 Weeks Out from the CanWest Games! Next year this will actually be a sanctioned event for The CrossFit Games!

Tensions are high and the athletes are hungry. With 4 weeks left our Lolo crew of  our own Adrian T, currently placed at 34th for elite males, in prime condition working out to almost 6 hours a day. Its nothing but eat, sleep, train for our number one coach.


As for our teams, we couldn’t be more excited for these guys to throw it down in the intermediate and scaled divisions:

The Notorious W.O.D – Jen, Coach Naomi and Coach Ashley

The Powerpuff Girls – Kelsey, Brittney and Joyce

The WOD squad – Jory, Jon and Paul

Squat Goals- Bridie, Shannon and Baylea

Andrea Torres will be representing LoLo in a team with CrossFit Zone members – Salty Mermaids

What we really would love from our LoLo community is your loud cheers and friendly faces… if you can spare a day (or two) come over!  You will fall in love and be amazed at the atmosphere of this CrossFit competition.  You will come away inspired and in awe of what our bodies are capable of – all levels and ages.  Saturday would be the better day as all our athletes will be rotating through the three stages – Olympic lifting area, huge CrossFit rig, and always a surprise out on the turf.  And, if this hasn’t already convinced you to come there is a vendor village for all your athletic needs (or wants), food vendors, and a beer garden:))

Adam our Lolo owner and head coach, will be front and centre supporting and coaching all our athletes and with his knowledge of how to compete, the sport of CrossFit and how to motivate his team this will be invaluable to them.  Very lucky peeps!

So pack your sunscreen, water bottles and don’t forget to wear your LoLo swag!  We will see you there:))

Friday July 26th – Sunday July 28th 2019

Percy Perry Stadium



Canwest Games throwback to 2016!


Adam competes in Canwest Games 2016 (throwback)


Speaking of CrossFit Competitions, this is at the Okanagan Valley Throwdown 2017 – Chantelle competes!


Speaking of CrossFit Competitions, this is at the Okanagan Valley Throwdown 2017 – Chantelle competes while Adam and Mike give her some lifting feedback





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