Humans of LoLo: Marcos Malfair [Victoria BC CrossFit]

Nov 7, 2019

Humans of LoLo Marcos [Victoria BC CrossFit]

Marcos Malfair Personal chef.

We sat down with Marcos for this instalment of Humans of LoLo to find all the things that keep him coming back into the gym day after day and keep that humour going strong! We want to thank Marcos for being so vulnerable during this interview.

How did you get started with CrossFit?

“It was actually Kaite my wife that introduced me into it.  From the first CrossFit gym we joined we immediately loved the community and support we got from everybody and the community around it. Also just suffering together succeeding together I should say, while being supported by members and coaches is something you don’t get at community gyms.

When we met Adam we fell in love with his personality and passion, and it was Kaite who brought us in to the gym. We walked in and did the first class and we looked at each other and said yes this is the gym for us.”

You turned 24! Happy belated, how do you feel?

“I feel like my knees are starting to hurt, the grey hairs are Coming in and my hair is falling out haha. No all jokes aside I feel great, even though i look young, I’m already ready to retire.

Im happy to still feel young and doing CrossFit, staying motivated and moving. Happy to feel great at 24!”


What is the happiest moment of your life?

“Getting married. I had a waterfall of tears coming down when she walked down the aisle, especially since she had recently connected with her biological father and had them both walk her down.

It’s hard to explain, most of our friends are not at that stage like we are. It has definitely been difficult because you see friends that have completely different lifestyles. Kaite and I started dating when we were around 16, and after my parents left for Mexico Kaite was already living alone so we decided to move in together around the end of grade 12. It was a huge lifestyle change, it wasn’t so much as dating as it was now a commitment. And the it carried on from there, we got a cat, steady jobs and fell more and more in love. I loved her deeply and cared about her a lot.

We used to hold these parties at our tiny apartment. We would invite the whole CrossFit gym which was a blast. Then one christmas party we were having, I remember everyone was having fun laughing and joking but Kaite was glowing. It was something like out of a movie, you know friends laughing and there she was smiling and having a good time. She had this glow to her and I just knew I wanted to be with her to the end. So I thought yeah, I’ll marry her.”

Kaite walking down the aisle with her two dads


What is the Saddest moment of your life?

“When I was struggling with personal and health issues, my knee was in a bad spot and I kept going when I knew I couldn’t. I went down a hole that I couldn’t get out of myself, I wasn’t happy and feeling I could not live up to my own potential. The environment I found myself in was not good for me; wedding stress, work stress. I was drinking and not sleeping. Then everything came snowballing down.

It was a moment of depression. Kaite and my friends were the ones who pulled me out. It feels amazing when you set your mind to something and crawl out of that dark place. I came from a dark place to doing things that I love and care about now. I never thought I would deal with something like depression, I’m usually a happy person but to go to the opposite spectrum is pure wild.”


Who is the most influential person in your life?

“I have a couple people in my life that are influential to me. First of is my wife, she’s determined and stubborn which I admire. If she wants to go shopping doesn’t matter what I say, were going shopping…It’s a good way to live from a moral standing. Regardless of exterior things that might want to put me down she always seems to brush off the negative vibes.

The second is David Goggings, a retired navy seal and motivational speaker. I read his book called “You Cant Hurt Me,” that was recommend by a manger. It just change my whole aspect on life. I thought I had it bad, this guy had it bad. He went from 250 to 150 pounds, he gives some challenges within the book, and it helped open up my eyes to some perspectives in life. Like what you do for 24 hours in the day, set priorities and goals. I find CrossFit really relates to this.”


What are you most afraid of right now?

“Failing as a husband or parent, not being able to sustain for my family or even society. Really failing as a provider, even though I’m a grown man. I’m one of those individuals who will go out of their way to help someone even if they need a ride or just a talk. Like spiderman, your friendly neighbourhood guy. I’m afraid I wont leave an impact I guess.”

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