The CrossFit Open Victoria October 2019

Sep 23, 2019

Have you signed up for the Open?

The CrossFit Games Open 2020 is our annual competition where every CrossFit athlete of all levels has the opportunity to see how they perform! It’s a great way to check in with how your training is going and most importantly it’s FUN! Most people find that they have an easier time committing to their training and health when they have a goal in mind and accountability, both of which is available to you when you sign up for the Open!

You can track your progress from year to year, see where you place compared to others in your gym, country, and around the world. It is called the CrossFit Christmas for a reason! Workout announcements are on every Thursday night for 5 consecutive weeks starting on the 10th of October. It is exactly like a nice weekly Christmas gift box with a bunch of burpees and toes to bars unwrapping every week! Never done these movements? Do not to worry! The CrossFit Games Open has scaling options for all levels, ages and abilities.

Click this link to get a feeling on how great the Open at LoLo was last year.

What exactly happens at the CrossFit Open 2020?

You sign up, you show up, you have fun! It is not that different from any other CrossFit workout other than how we organize the time slots that time. Check our XXX page for more information about the exact times and days we allocate for Open workouts.

Why You Should Sign Up for the CrossFit Open…Whats the point?

1. To see how far you’ve come, even if you have only been doing it for a week!

2. To see how far you can still go!

2. To get to know the LoLo community more!

3. Because you can do it.

It is not just about WODs or RX-ing workouts, or pushing yourself to hit PRs. It is about fun, community-building, making new friends and don’t forget about the BBQs!

The Open is the time where you have the opportunity to showcase your skills and development. We will cheer you on and won’t let you quit, and will shout one more rep when you need it the most. Don’t think that the Open is for elite athletes only or that you’re not ready for the challenge. It is your own 5 weeks, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

The Open is tailored to all athletes and WODs are scaled accordingly—that means YOU can do it. You can still wonder and be inspired at how the pros make the RX workouts look so easy, but going through your own modified version is a good way to set your own goals for the next year.




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