Virus Pop-Up at LoLo [Victoria BC Crossfit] We loved hosting Canadian company Virus here at CrossFit LoLo. (Also read our previous post with images and info about Virus gear). Besides the amazing gear that they brought along, Scott and Kim from Virus Canada were super knowledgeable, experienced and friendly – we wished they could have […]

A big congratulations to all of the Festivus Games LoLo athletes that competed at this past weekend’s Festivus Games on Sept.14th! This year it was hosted by our friends over at CrossFit Lifetree. It was ann adrenaline-fuelled community event. We love the opportunity to see and train in other local CrossFit Boxes!  The Festivus Games […]

Thanks Lululemon for stopping by! LoLo was super excited to have our friends from Lululemon stop by CrossFit LoLo for an awesome workout! We had a solid group of 12 individuals show up from all lulu lemon locations! Thanks for hanging out guys! Literally. As advocates for health, Lulu lemon shares the same voice of […]

Humans of LoLo: Ben Wagg We sat down to get to know our quiet regular, Ben Wagg, for this weeks Humans of LoLo. Ben was one of our OG members, he purchased his membership in our pre-release sale before we had even opened. He has attended over 100 classes at our Victoria BC Gym since […]

Monday Mobility – Knees/Ankle [Victoria BC CrossFit] Knee and Ankle Mobility For the final instalment of this Monday Mobility series we look at the knees and ankles. There is a number of things that can contribute to a lack of mobility through our ankles and knees. As they are neighbours they have a very close […]

Our Athletes excelled at the CanWest games, but can they take home gold at the upcoming Festivus Games? You will have to buddy up for this competition as it is a 2 person same sex only WODS. This is a specifically novice competition with intermediate and masters divisions also. Here are the guidelines to see […]

Hip Mobility and Discomfort Have you ever felt a pinch or a shift in your hips when you are squatting or deadlifting? This could be a result of a lack of hip mobility, increased tension, decreased range of motion or lack of control of the key movers of the hips (glutes, hip flexors, quads and […]

Gym Renovation Featured in Box Pro Magazine! [CrossFit Gym Victoria BC] This week we were lucky enough t0 have gym renovation featured in Box Pro Magazine! The feature talks about our ongoing renovations and the lengths owner, Kelsey has gone to to provide the most inviting space for our members. While adding in more bathrooms […]

Why Glute Strength is Important! Kirby Bohan BHSc; is here to help teach you a few ways to activate your glutes. For more information and to find out more about glute and hip mobility, please check her out! Our glutes are one of our prime mover groups. This means that they drive movement throughout the […]

Announcing our 1 Year Anniversary Party and Fundraiser You guys!!! We can’t believe it’s already almost been a year! Firstly, we would like to thank you for all of the support you have shown Crossfit LoLo these past 8 months. Without you, the community and connections we get to be with every day would not […]