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Apr 10, 2019

Victoria BC CrossFit Gym

Welcome to LoLo! First of all, you don’t need to be fit already to come check us out – almost every class has new people from all ages and fitness levels dropping in! If you’re local, your first drop in is always free :). We’re a Victoria BC CrossFit Gym for humans with a heartbeat and were pretty certain were talking to you!

How do I sign up?

To claim your free drop in, click here and reserve a spot in one of our classes. You will be able to sign your waiver online so when you arrive you can jump right in!

If this is your first time at LoLo, check out our post on Getting Started at CrossFit LoLo which also outlines the classes we offer (for all skill levels and beyond). If this is your first time trying CrossFit you might be wondering “What the heck is CrossFit?!” or you can get my take on it at “Top 3 Reasons Why I Love CrossFit, from a Whiny Netflix Lover”.

Here’s what you can expect when you show up:
– Everyone will be eager to meet you and introduce themselves
– You will learn technique that you never knew you didn’t know
– You will impress and surprise yourself and get a kick butt workout!

If you are from out of town, check out our post: “What’s the deal for out of towners?!”

After your first class, one of your first questions about getting started at LoLo is going to be about which membership is best for you. Check out the options below about our Victoria BC CrossFit Gym:

Description of Pricing and membership of Victoria BC CrossFit Gym

Description of Pricing and membership of Victoria BC CrossFit Gym

After you become a member, you will receive the Sugarwod code to access our daily programming, in addition to being invited to our private facebook group.


Want to learn more about us?

Our commitment is simple: The best CrossFit experience, different everyday in our brand new gym in Victoria BC Crossfit Gym. LoLo means LOVE ON People & LIFT up the community.

Our pillars of success are community, quality coaching, safety, cleanliness and our not-so-secret ingredient called Love. We just give a shit.

CrossFit LoLo is a second home for all humans

As a result, we are able to develop their strength physically, mentally and emotionally. To encourage vulnerability, community resilience and to live healthier more enriched lives of our own design.
It’s a perfectly blended environment representing Adam and (Kelsey) shared love of fitness, authentic and emotional conversation and community. We embrace all breakdowns and breakthroughs.

A big part of how we ensure that our people feel seen and celebrated, we enjoy featuring them on our CrossFit blog under the category “Humans of LoLo” inspired by the famous photography movement “Humans of New York“.

Our belief is that these commitments are expressed and realized through “group fitness classes” and sport. Our brand new Victoria BC CrossFit gym facility is complete with new equipment including ski ergs and assault runners. We also have brand new showers that is unlike anything you’ve encountered at most CrossFit gyms.

We offer:

  • CrossFit Classes
  • Olympic Weightlifting Classes
  • Gymnastics for CrossFitters
  • Yoga for CrossFit
  • Strength + Endurance Classes
  • Spin Classes (we call it SpinFit due to the CrossFit nature of the endurance machines used)
  • Other speciality classes

Sign up for your first class FREE or click to learn more about CrossFit membership options and how to get started at CrossFit LoLo! We are looking forward to offering nutritional coaching and Kids CrossFit classes in the near future!
Visiting from out of town? Want a free drop in? check us out here! 

We love feedback.

We are constantly developing and are always implementing your suggestive feedback and welcome your post-workout google review.

Also, we love to have fun, run challenges and throw amazing parties to celebrate our members and raise support for local causes. Our book keeper often has questions to clarify our receipts for “dunk tank” and “bouncy castle” rentals because we don’t half-ass anything.

Most importantly, we cannot express enough our appreciation for our amazing team at LoLo as well as the fun-loving and inspiring community of athletes/humans that has formed here. It wouldn’t be love on before lift on without all of you.



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